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Thread: Right or privilege?

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    Default Right or privilege?

    Heard an exchange last night between a talk radio host and a caller. After letting the caller talk for a moment, the host demanded that he respond to his quiz, right or privilege (similar to demanding a yes or no answer). I cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of my memory but the subsequent exchange went something like this.

    (1) "College Education?"


    (2) "Health Care?"


    (3) "Carry a Gun?"


    [edit: removed citizenship question]

    Ignoring the question about citizenship for a moment, can anyone identify any logical problems in the nature of this line of questioning?
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    Default Re: Right or privilege?

    The only reason "carry a gun" is a "right" is because it is in the Constitution.

    Citizenship should only be a right if you are born of legal citizens, or you follow the process to attain citizenship. No way should an illegal hear the right to earn citizenship merely by being in the country for 5 years. Those that are here illegally should not bear any legal rights. It is solely and purely a matter of law as it is written, unless you live in Calico.

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