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Thread: Hey Big...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonnieJ2 View Post
    All this time we thought you were diligently searching for something cheery to amuse us.
    Here you go:

    Scientists have uncovered a huge surprise in the Inner Mongolia region of northern China: the fossil skeleton of an unusually robust bird-like dinosaur that lived 70 million years ago. The animal appeared to be a young adult 25 feet long and weighing 3,000 pounds and, if it had lived longer, would probably have grown even larger.

    70 million years old, you see that ugly?

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    ...would make for one heck of a scambled egg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    ...70 million years old, you see that ugly?

    In my own personal vision of heaven, we'll be able to know all the great unknown facts of history. I'll see if that Gigantoraptor had feathers and what it looked like in the wild.

    Ugly and everyone else will know the truth of how it all began.
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    Its descendants live today:

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