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Thread: Creation Museum opens in Kentucky

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    Default Creation Museum opens in Kentucky

    I wonder if this is related to the Conspiracy Museum in Dallas. Or maybe they just attract some of the same crowd.

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    Default Re: Creation Museum opens in Kentucky

    I've seen museums like this one before . . . they're called churches.
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    Default Re: Creation Museum opens in Kentucky

    This is the "creation" of a guy from Australia, who has collected $27 million in donations. There were 4,000 standing in line Monday -- opening day -- to check it out.

    It's yet another embarrassment to Cincinnati -- the place I call home -- for making us look totally backward and out-of-touch*. Tho it might be located in just the right place -- in an UNscientific phone-in poll conducted by the CBS affiliate, 76% of callers said they plan to visit the museum soon.

    Mark Twain once said something to the effect of "If I find out the end of the world is coming, I'll head to Cincinnati because everything happens there ten years later." I'm sure Samuel Clemens might have some interesting things about this new "museum"...


    * Apparently the location was chosen because of its proximity to a major airport -- it's in Kentucky, near Greater Cincinnati International, a Delta hub -- and a major north-south highway, I-75, and within a day's drive of a sizeable chunk of the US population.

    They are expecting 250,000 visitors a year -- more than visit the Cincinnati Art Museum, or the National Underground Freedom Center in a year.

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