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    Default Tax the rich (distribution of taxes)

    One of my co-workers sent the following table to me. It appears to come from Wiki, however, I couldn't find an alternate source. Another co-worker told me a similar table exists at the website, however, I couldn't find it.

    The top 0.1% of taxpayers by income pay 17.4% of federal income taxes (earning 9.1% of the income)
    The top 1% with gross income of $328,049 or more pay 36.9% (earning 19% of income)
    The top 5% with gross income of $137,056 or more pay 57.1% (earning 33.4% of income)
    The bottom 50% with gross income of $30,122 or less pay 3.3% (earning 13.4% of income)

    This is kind of a loaded question, but if that distribution is true, is it fair? Is the current tax system fair to everyone?
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