I have been compiling links and stories that I have entitled, "The Freedom Files," highlighting how republicans have been stripping and disregarding freedom in our society since Bush was given the "presidency" and republicans had their brief day in the sun with control of Congress. Well, we have us a new one today!

Everyone's favorite rage filled commentator, Laura Ingraham, today has put up a link to MSNBC's website, as well as phone numbers of who should be called, to call for the firing of Keith Olbermann for his special comment last night. If it wasn't already enough that weirdos like David Horowitz pay students money to tape record what professors say and try to get them fired, Ingraham has upped the ante by calling for Olbermann's firing for, well, free speech and a free press! HUH!?

Two comments Ingraham made today. "The management over there needs to have a talk with him." "This is free speech at its best."

Here is the link to the nasty, un-American commentary that Olbermann made. Should we see to it that this commie is tried and courts and deported for treason? The comment is on the front page, "Bush Interview Unforgiveable." MSNBC - Countdown with Keith Olbermann - A Unique Newscast that Counts Down the Day’s Top Stories - Get the Latest Transcripts, TV Schedule & Video Highlights - MSNBC.com Front Page