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Thread: Obama on fox news

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    This Sunday 9 a.m. hopefully the questions will be by Willie Krystal, Brit Hume,Karl Rove and Sean Hannity. I wonder which one will ask him " Why do you hate America? " Will they talk about policy at all?

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    In this morning's paper, a local columnist talks about the dumbing down of the Presidential race by cable news networks. Indeed.

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    If anyone watches Fox News Sunday, you'll see that Chris Wallace, son of 60 Minutes fixture Mike Wallace, conducts the show and the interviews. Chris Wallace has the reputation of being one of the toughest journalists around. HE is objective and asks tough questions of everyone, regardless of party affiliation. They also have Brit Hume, another hard-nosed but objective journalist, and they even have Juan Williams from PBS to make sure that all sides are represented.

    If you watched the interview and the rest of the show, you'll see that the Fox News Sunday crew is the classiest and most objective Sunday news talk show. Not the old-style class that Charles Osgood has on CBS, but the classiest among the news magazines. Maybe their ratings would climb even higher if they showed nature pictures before going to commercial and they all wore bow ties like Osgood.

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    After finishing reading the article you posted, matclone, I must say that Joanne Ostrow does not seem sure where to place her aingst. Her whole article blames cable news networks, but she doesn't use any cable news examples until half or two-thirds down the article. She even mentions Charles Gibson and George Stephanopolous in the second paragraph before mentioning cable news. Those guys are on the broadcast network, ABC, which doesn't even have a cable news portion!

    She seems so unhappy that one of her favorite candidates had to answer real questions that real people are thinking about that she couldn't see straight. If she wants to point out a potential problem with cable news, that's fine. If she didn't like the ABC debate, that's fine. BUt, she can't use the ABC debate to say that cable news is bad -- they're not related!! If she was going to talk about how cable news is bad, she could at least present us with some facts to back up her position. Instead, she expects us to believe that cable news is dumbing down a presidential race (BTW, this is a party primary, not a presidential race -- she seems to forget that John McCain is still alive) only because she doesn't like cable news.

    I wish she had made a good case here. Instead, she whined like a little kid. Cable news in unfair because it is on 24 hours a day, she insists. I wish she could have told us why she thought cable news was dumbing down the primary instead of just telling us that cable news is news that's on all the time. I think that point's already been established.

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    I watched it but I kept getting distracted by how tough and fair Brit Hume is and the word ballons I kept imaginig above Willie Krystal's snickering visage. I was suprised by Chris ( son of 60 min. Mike Wallace) Wallace's questions. He did not ask him why he wanted to enslave the white race.

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    Perhaps Chris is hedging his bet just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matclone View Post
    In this morning's paper, a local columnist talks about the dumbing down of the Presidential race by cable news networks. Indeed.
    This is true!

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