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Discuss Hey furches, did God instruct Rocky to take drugs? at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by sgallan Sport is sport. You do what you like. Or what you ...
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    Default Re: Hey furches, did God instruct Rocky to take drugs?

    Quote Originally Posted by sgallan View Post
    Sport is sport. You do what you like. Or what you are good at. Or both. I liked wrestling more. I had better training opportunities in, and was better at, powerlifting. For awhile I did both. Since the weight I needed to be at (148 in powerlifting and 138 in wrestling), and the season I competed (fall/winter for PL and SP/SUM for wrestling) worked out.

    It did end up doing bad things to my body. But that is the nature of competitive sports.
    you did both in the same calender year? that had to be crazy!!!!!!

    the PL i talk to at the gym are just ridiculous. People talk about weight cutting a lot, but what these guys do as far as calorie cons and supplements is outta control. they are a basically doing a longitudinal study for everything that is bad for you.

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    Default Re: Hey furches, did God instruct Rocky to take drugs?

    Going too crazy on the "supplements" wasn't a good idea for me. My body could only handle the weights I could do at 132 (when I was younger and my most competitive weight) and at 148. So going up another weight class taking, err... vitamins, wasn't functional for me. I'd just get hurt and would gain anything competively. It was a pretty crazy training environment and training cycle. But then again...... so is wrestling.

    Bodybuilders are the true human body chemists of sports. I tried that for awhile and got out of all of that rather quickly. I didn't really have the body type, and the stuff those guys do. Man!

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    Default Re: Hey furches, did God instruct Rocky to take drugs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    Furches claims Rocky was a deeply religious character and Stallone was inspired by God.

    Okay, Curtis is here with me and this is the first time I have seen this thread. Big, IT IS NOT FURCHES CLAIM ABOUT THE MOVIE ROCKY, IT IS A FACT!

    Click on the link and read for yourself. Your problem is you try to make assumptions to bring about your point while it appears that you are too lazy to do your own research, even after it is provided to you. If you want to talk about something being wrong, the good vs bad of steroids or the fact that Stallone is a fallen individual, fine bring it up. Don't attack a clear position such as the position of Stallone. That all said, is Stallone guilty of what he was charged, I don't know, probably, but I don't know the whole story. I'll leave it at that other than check out the facts for yourself next time. I provided a link that supported my claims and report of what Stallone has said. I knew that prior to those other articles because I was part of the group that was privy to the interview.
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