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Discuss This Congress Sucks!! at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by Tight-Waist Hey Big.... let me let you in on the latest news! ...
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    Default Re: This Congress Sucks!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tight-Waist View Post
    Hey Big.... let me let you in on the latest news!

    The Democrats have CONTROL of BOTH the Senate AND the House! And have for last year and a half!

    See Big's post about the 2/3 majority needed to override the veto. If the Republicans in the house and senate simply follow the president....and they always have for the last 7 years......then they still have the power to block any progress the Democrats hope to make.

    But then, that's not "the latest news" it's been the law of the land since September 17, 1787.

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    Quote Originally Posted by therick View Post
    1)Wed., Oct. 3, 2007
    WASHINGTON - President Bush, in a sharp confrontation with Congress, on Wednesday vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have dramatically expanded children's health insurance.

    It was only the fourth veto of Bush's presidency, and one that some Republicans feared could carry steep risks for their party in next year's elections. The Senate approved the bill with enough votes to override the veto, but the margin in the House fell short of the required number.

    2)May 2, 2007 US President George W Bush has vetoed a Congressional bill that would have linked war funding to a timetable for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

    3)March 9, 2008
    WASHINGTON ? President Bush on Saturday further cemented his legacy of fighting for strong executive powers, using his veto to shut down a Congressional effort to limit the Central Intelligence Agency?s latitude to subject terrorism suspects to harsh interrogation techniques.

    4)June 21, 2007
    WASHINGTON, June 20 ? President Bush on Wednesday issued his second veto of a measure lifting his restrictions on human embryonic stem cell experiments. The move effectively pushed the contentious scientific and ethical debate surrounding the research into the 2008 presidential campaign.

    5) November 13, 2007 President George W. Bush vetoed a major spending measure on Tuesday that would have funded education, health care and job training programs, saying it contained too many special projects, even as he signed a $459 billion bill to increase the Pentagon's non-war funding.

    Wow! That took a whole 3 seconds on google.

    Well Kudos to you for taking those 3 seconds.

    That veto pen is still the heaviest on his desk I'd say.

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    Default Re: This Congress Sucks!!

    They control the house and the Senate and still can't agree on what to do. What bill was it...the foreign intelligence bill (sorry can't remember the name) where the Dems in the Senate passed it but the dems in the house didn't.

    They have spent more time doing investigations than anything else!!!

    The whole congress sucks!!! Yes that means a lot of the Republicans too. They are spending like drunken sailors and Bush will barely veto any of it!!

    Thankfully he did veto some things as "therick" pointed out and he needed to. The dems and some republicans tried passing off the 1st bill he mentioned as for the kids but if you read the bill it covered a lot more than just children. It was a crock!!

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