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Let's face it: taking personal responsibility fails all around us and has been for many years.

All sides are doing it, but I think a reasonable argument can be made to say that it eminates (sp?) from the highest level of our society and filters its way on down to all of us.

  1. A politician does something crooked, irresponsible, illegal, or what have you.
  2. The traveling partisan chorus for that person begins the campaign of "Bill Clinton did it too;" or "What about Foley?" and suddenly the whole issue gets convoluted. Who really was worse? The person under scrutiny now or the person that our chorus points fingers at?
  3. We, then, as partisans also (and also part of the traveling chorus of defenders) fall forit in lockstep and refuse to place responsibility on our politicians of our own parties.
  4. We all see this, and as a result, we have come to see blaming others as legitimate. If our political system does it and justifies it, why not, in a democracy, can't we do it also.
Sorry, folks, but the answer lies with all of us. As long as we excuse our politicians, it shouldn't be any wonder that people will excuse their own actions also. We need to start calling crooked and wrong wrong when these people do it and not be afraid of the condemnation of the chorus for doing so. Until then, the lack of personal responsibility will go merrily along.
Wow ban!

I agree!