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Discuss The Federalist Papers? at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Keep shooting off some of the quotes. I haven't read all, but many quotes and ...
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    Default Re: The Federalist Papers?

    Keep shooting off some of the quotes. I haven't read all, but many quotes and parts of the FP. Could be great discussion, and certianly shows, I believe, intent in the forefathers thoughts.
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    Default Re: The Federalist Papers?

    Its a pretty dry read and spoken in the language of the time, but it IS a great source of info if you are interested in "original intent".

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    Default Re: The Federalist Papers?

    Quote Originally Posted by sgallan View Post
    So I bought the book and have come to the conclusion in the first three essays that these men were light years smarter than we are.

    I think their inteligence could be found in the pragmatism they had. The sides could be as far apart as possible, yet had respect for, and knew that, others views were part of the process..... this even though the debate got so heated at times there were even life/death duals involved. In a polarized political environment, that is much a competition, as it is searching for good public policy, this sort of compromise, or meeting of minds, is much harder to come by. The ill effects of this set of unfortunate circumstances is heighted by a far more complex world of situations than of that time.
    Scott I would disagree that he issues of that time were less complex. The founders were dealing with an almost bankrupt government, the Native Americans, and the end of the Revolution. Couple that with the fact that there was no unity among the colonies and that was a very complex time. We also cant forget that they were not only thinking about the issues of that time but trying to protect future generations against the failures of the past and unforeseen problems. I believe our situations and issues are made more complex with what President Bush called relativism and having to be PC about everything.

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