Is it a coincidence that at the same time that The Great Depression brewed in America, Hitler's popularity began to rise in Germany and Germany's economic and military might began to grow?

The road to power
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Nazi Party Election Results

Date Votes Percentage Seats in Reichstag Background
May 1924 1,918,300 6.5 32 Hitler in prison
December 1924 907,300 3.0 14 Hitler is released from prison
May 1928 810,100 2.6 12
September 1930 6,409,600 18.3 107 After the financial crisis
July 1932 13,745,800 37.4 230 After Hitler was candidate for presidency
November 1932 11,737,000 33.1 196
March 1933 17,277,000 43.9 288 During Hitler's term as Chancellor of Germany

It seems to me that once the Great Depression hit, American government and American businessmen decided to make money elsewhere at any cost. Hitler was one willing customer. Whatever limits on Germany's military power were imposed by the Treaty of Versailles were erased due to the need for capitalism to prosper: