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Thread: Nazi Germany-American connection

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    it does however, afflict it's sufferers with delusions of granduer and meglamania in it's tertiary stage

    Maybe we should add Bush to that list then.

    Look, I learned nothing about Lenin having syphilis when I lived in Russia and despite what you or anyone says, I will stick to my Soviet knowledge.

    In any case, he died from strokes and gunshots, not from any disease. That is very clear.

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    Default Re: Nazi Germany-American connection

    This morning I took a look at a Orlando Figes, "A People's Tragedy: the Russian Revolution 1891-1924", a history book, to see what it says about some of these questions. Just the one on Lenin's death for now: According to Figes, he began to suffer from headaches and exhaustian in 1921. He had been working 16 hour days for previous 4 years. Some doctors thought it was lead poisoning from the bullets he took before; others thought paralysis. It was the latter, and he suffered his first major stroke on May 25, 1922. He had several other strokes following, culmulating in his death on January 21, 1924.

    Also, briefly, Lenin had some "rages" when he first became ill that resulted in a lot of people being shot. Stalin is portrayed at this time as being very power hungry, and he showed contempt for Lenin after he got ill, saying something like "a 'real' leader wouldn't get sick"

    Anyway, the above supports what Big told us.

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