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Thread: For those that hate politics, who do you vote for?

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    Default For those that hate politics, who do you vote for?

    Granted, none of the elected lawmakers running for office are going to do squat for their areas for the next year and a half, but as an independent that tends to stradle the fence on some issues (most notably, party affiliation), who the hell do you vote for?

    Last election, I voted for the person I felt I had more in common with and that had one of my few issues on the docket. Of course that never happened, but it's better than having that issue (Title IX) further perverted.

    Yes, it's a small issue, but it's my pet issue politically.

    Now, my point...

    I tend to vote slightly more Republican than Democrat (and note, I hate the two-party system). I don't like being identified as Red or Blue, but I vote on my issues.

    Looking at the Dems, I really like Obama over Hillary, for a few different reasons. But Hillary has that comedic appeal with Bill back in the White House as "first whatever".

    I liked Howard Dean and John Edwards, but loathed John Kerry. I like McCain, but do we need another old white guy in there?

    The intriguing thing to me about Obama is that he's mixed, from Hawaii originally and just comes off like a solid dude. Granted, politicians are just that, politicians, but unless the GOP can put a solid candidate out there, I'd rather vote for Obama than Hillary.

    And yes, I'm a registered independent.

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    I split my ticket and it's almost exactly 50/50. If it looks like the Dems will control the House, then I want a Republican President..... and voce-versa. I am actually a registered Republican because Reoublican primaries in Arizona are more interesting to vote in. But I have no 'real' party affiliation.

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