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Thread: Spitzer

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    I bet Spitzer wishes all discussion about him could take the same turn.
    I just heard on the radio that he has resigned.
    It is amazing that guys like him keep doing this stuff and getting caught.
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    I think in this day and age a lot of men use prostitutes...

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    In our different-topic-of-the-day media saturation, the Spitzer story will fade away like all the other stories that seem so large at the time. He did the right thing by quitting.

    Now, to change the thread again, even my old, old man thought this would hurt the Dems. I scoffed at that for a number of reasons just like I scoff at the idea that the Dem primary season will hurt them in the long run.

    When they finally have a candidate (most likely Barack Hussein Osama) it will completely change the narrative in this country. McCain may be looking pretty good right now, but it's obvious that the Dems will be more tenacious than ever (for good reason see Gore/Kerry) and they will probably gain some real traction as November closes in.

    Weaklings like Spitzer won't matter.

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