I was just looking at the topic, African American Wrestlers at Oklahoma State, and it got me to thinking how I dislike the term African American or Afro-American. Even though the terms Afro- or African refer to a continent of origin, they are used to mean ?Black? (or ?black? ? I?m never sure if I should capitalize it), which is a race. People aren?t Irish-Americans, Polish-Americans, or Afro-Americans unless they hold dual citizenship. They are all Americans. They may be Black, Hispanic, Oriental, Caucasian or whatever, but their race or ethnic heritage is a whole different issue from their nationality. Maybe I?m suffering from politically correct overload, but I don?t think black is a disrespectful term, any more than white is. If I?m wrong, then I apologize, but what would be the Black equivalent of Caucasian?

I?m reminded of many years ago when I was watching the NCAA Div. III Nationals on TV. The announcer was describing a match and said something like, ?They are both wearing purple singlets, but Smith is wearing a kneepad and Jones has the yellow headgear.? I wondered why he didn?t simply say, ?Smith is black and Jones is white.? What would have been offensive about that? Actually, at the time I thought, and still do, that it was more offensive to conspicuously avoid saying that Smith was black, as if it were an insult.

Sorry if I sound like Andy Rooney, but I?m just sharing my thoughts. If I?m way off the mark on this, please straighten me out because I?m never too old to learn.