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Discuss Ralph Nader Jumps Into the Pool at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by matclone I hope he makes some waves. His message needs to be ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by matclone View Post
    I hope he makes some waves. His message needs to be heard.
    Yes, what a great message he has: "Everybody sucks, everything sucks, life sucks and I'm the only one that knows all the answers."

    "Also, my strong pick for VP almost came within 50% of winning the SF mayor's slot. We are the the answer for what ails America, which BTW really sucks right now".

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    I voted for Nader in 2004 because he was the only guy fighting for the people. 2004 was a disgrace -- Kerry versus Bush, never have I seen two worse candidates. Democrats chose Kerry over Dean because they were afraid that Republicans would beat them up if they chose Dean. Pussies! And Kerry played the passive roll he was intended to play, not standing up for what Democrats were supposed to stand for until it was too late. This year is different. Both Obama and Hillary are better than Kerry, and I would be very happy with an Obama. The problem I have with Hillary is that she started out her campaign also trying to play the middle ground rather than fighting for what Democrats are supposed to believe in. Then when she saw that people are going for Obama's message, she tried to blur the difference between her and him, as if she had always been passing the same message. Bull crap. And she still has not admitted her mistake to give Bush the powers to declare war. Sorry, I just don't respect her as much as I respect Obama.

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