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Thread: Pro-Western TV station in Russia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caspiantiger View Post
    Out of curiosity what ahs Iran done to make you hate them?

    This will be very interesting.
    What have jews done to make you hate them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matclone View Post
    Ben Franklin wrote an essay in or around 1755 decrying the German "invasion" of Pennsylvania (yes, that particular expression of nativism has been around that long) and talking about the "tallow-skinned" Europeans. So, I would say race-based discrimination (in addition to other forms of discrimination such as that against Catholics) has been around a long time, and was probably used against various peoples in the past we might think of as "white" today. But, even if so, I was talking about how racism is manifested today not yesterday.
    Which today and which yesterday are you talking about? Is racism in the 1960s yesterday, just like racism in the 1940s against Germans was yesterday? Your definition of what is racist is not nearly as prevalent now as it was in the 1940s or 1960s. If you know of examples of racism that are occurring today, please share with us. If you know of widespread examples of racism today, please share.

    I just don't think that behavior is as widespread as you are telling us.

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    Just finishing i don;t hate jews, i judge everyone individually, but it is very clear for everyone to see the jews in power in America, Britain and Russia are all abusing their power. Some to steal, some to influence international policy, some to create hatred for another race.
    A jewish media company can spend millions trying to make Iranian people look bad, i will say these jews are bad and people will call me racist, it is ridiculous.

    Flop the nuts Iran has been proven to be developing peaceful nuclear technology which Iran has every right to.
    On the issue of nukes, were Iran to start developing nuke's i would donate money to the cause. Iran is surrounded by war mongering Americans, Arabs who'd happily commit genocide against the Persian people and Jews who would happily drop thousands of missiles on Iran. Iran needs nuclear weapons.

    flop the nuts do you not find it odd that a jewish lobby has so much control over America? Do you ever wonder why America gives Israel billions a year? Do you ever wonder why America makes enemies with people who would make better strategic friends?
    The Jews control America and use it to help Israel.

    On another note, did anyone notice how when France gets a Jewish primeminister they instantly take an extreme foreign policy against Iran. I wonder why that is.........

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    Are you going to ignore my resposes?

    You said "This is going to be interesting", then seemed to lose all interest.

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    GnP When you said iran brings the hatred on itself, it was implied that you hated Iran. Hence me asking why you hate Iran. I siad it would be interesting because Americans (who hate Iran) have no good reason to hate Iran they are just bigots.

    I disagree with the Iranian regime however they do not have a history of abusive foreign policy like Israel, America etc
    So they may not be as pure as white snow, but they are not America or Israel.

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    I'm just waiting for Caspian to post/reference the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in an attempt to make a point.

    Then my life would be complete.

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