Should the world declare sanctions against America. Once again America is at the forefront of military crime. They were the first to drop nuclear bombs on real people and now they plan on militarising space under the guise of saving the world.
I see this as a real threat to world peace and i think the world needs to show America that the illegal wars, militarisation of space and war crimes wont be accepted.
Although it seems in this world might is right and people have no guts.

US 'confident' over satellite hit

The US is confident that its shooting down of a disabled spy satellite with a missile managed to destroy its potentially toxic fuel tank.
Marine Gen James Cartwright said there was a 80-90% chance that the satellite's tank had been destroyed.

A fire ball, vapour cloud and spectral analysis indicating the presence of hydrazine all indicated that the tank had been hit, he told reporters.

The operation has been criticised by China and Russia.

"We're very confident that we hit the satellite," Gen Cartwright said at a Pentagon briefing hours after the missile was fired.

"We also have a high degree of confidence that we got the tank."