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Discuss Sanctions against America at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by ODH I would not ove simplify the calculations. At those speeds and ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ODH View Post
    I would not ove simplify the calculations. At those speeds and distances nad the percision that is required, minor factors, like the rotation of the earth must be accounted for. I would like their was a software routine written to do this, but it does not make the technology any less impressive.
    Ha, of course it is impressive.. but the news I was watching tried to make it sound like there was a high likelihood of failure.. they even went as fas as saying that there were only three missiles capable (so they were told) of doing this job available.

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    I think because of the distance any small innaccuracy will equal a miss, although i expect they aren't doing this from scratch and pretty much know how to do it already. Then they will run it all through their comp simulation.

    The concept of sanctions against America is equal to the stupidity of sanctions against Iran for developing its technology. Nuclear and space technology is Irans right and America of all people have no right to stop Iran.

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