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    Clinton is toast and that is bad news for the McCain candidacy as the numbers already look dismal. It's all about the states and the electoral college. It's also all about the turnout and the turnout for the McCain side is not near as energized.

    Rassmussen is generally right on with deeper polling than the generic stuff that others put out there. Also, popularity polling is not the real indicator here, although the nosedive for Clinton is pretty stark. Democratic voters will do just what the republicans did with McCain; move to Obama because he is electable. She may not win another state, although it's the proportion that really matters. Even if she does squeak by, she won't get enough delegates to come close to beating Obama. If she has any class whatsoever (doubtful) she will drop out after March 4th. The powers that be in the party will essentially force her to drop out.

    Go to and you can read all about it:

    Electoral College: Democrats 284 Republicans 216 Toss-Up 38

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Rasmussen Reports released new general election polls for Ohio and Michigan today, but there are no changes in the Electoral College projections from the Rasmussen Reports 2008 Balance of Power Calculator.

    If the Presidential election were held today, the Democratic candidate would likely win 284 Electoral Votes, the Republican candidate would likely win 216 Electoral Votes while 38 more would be in the Toss-up category.
    If ?leaners? are not included, the Democrats lead 248 Electoral Votes to 189. To reach the magic number of 270 and win the election, the Democratic candidate would need to win 22 of the 101 Electoral Votes from states that are Toss-Ups or Lean modestly towards one party or the other. The Rasmussen Reports 2008 Balance of Power Calculator will be updated daily until Election Day.
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