Even though in communist countries people have fewer goods and sometimes of lower quality, they all seem to have or able to afford relatively similar things.

In other words it doesn't matter so much what kind of job you have or how lucky you were on the stock market or how rich your family was when you were born. The differences are not so great. What this does to people is releases them from envy and fanatical materialistc competition and valuation of people according to what they have.

As a result, people begin to value other things in each other over materialism. Things like sense of humor, hobbies, appearance and so on. People are more friendly to each other.

In capitalism one very big problem that many seem to overlook is ruthless drive to acquire more and to judge people according to what they have or can afford.

Let me tell you one thing. That is why prosperity can't really make people feel happy. Lets take a Japanese car for example. Japanese cars are nice BUT they are not as good or prestigious as a Mercedes or BMW. So, a person that has a Japanese car will not feel satisfied emotionally because he doesn't have a better car. Its the same way with apartments and houses. This makes people sacrifice their souls to constantly pursue better goods which makes people hostile to each other.

In the end, its not what they have that makes people happy but what they have with regard to the best possible in their environment that makes them satisfied or not.