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Thread: Ahmadinejad under fire for embracing his old teacher

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    Default Ahmadinejad under fire for embracing his old teacher

    These cavemen are out of control.

    By the way, did you see the recent video of the teenaged girl that was dragged from her home in Iraq and stoned? It's all over the internet, but it's so graphic I can't in good conscious post the link. I wanted to throw up.

    Apparently can't delete this post without zapping the whole thread, I'll leave it up for now. Spicoli, I agree with you that killing the girl like that was beyond barbaric, but your last comment was way out of line.


    *edit/Spicoli* You're right Jensen, I guess instead of saying "every male" in the Middle East, I should have said that we need to exterminate "those that publicly murdered that poor teenage girl and all those that that approve of such."

    I had just viewed the videos and my emotions got the best of me. My bad.

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