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Thread: Ahmadinejad under fire for embracing his old teacher

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    They are not animals, They are deeply religious. Maybe its the same thing.

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    *WARNING* : the following videos (RealPlayer) show very graphic and disturbing images:

    Mosul, Iraq -- According to the Kurdish website up to 1000 men from the Yezidi Kurdish community of Mosul killed a teenager who's only crime was running away to marry a Muslim man whom she loved and converting to his religion.

    For four months the girl had been given shelter by a local Muslim Sheik. It was reported that in the last few days her family persuaded her to return home, convincing her that she had been forgiven by her parents and relatives for her mistake.

    In a short mobile video clip which appears to have been taken by locals at seen of the murder, the girl is seen being ambushed on her way home by a group of up to 1000 men who were waiting for her to return; the men killed her in the most brutal way possible, by throwing large stones on her head. The following clips show that while she is alive and crying for help she is taunted and kicked in her stomach until someone finishes her off by throwing a large stone on her face.

    From the clips it appears that the girl was first stripped naked to symbolize that she had dishonored her family and her Yezidi religion. She is lying on the road naked while her smashed face is covered with blood and still breathing.

    According to the website and footage from the clip a number of armed local police officers were present who in fact helped the crowd to kill the woman rather than preventing the crime. Sometime later the Iraqi army arrived at the scene and refused anyone entry, including the press.

    Killing women for reasons of honor, shame and religion does happens in regions of Kurdistan and Iraq. The above incidents are not uncommon in some of the deeply religious and traditional communities. For long violence against women has been commonly used as a political and religious weapon and as a means of social control.

    By Kameel Ahmady, Mina Rojdar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    I am sad to say many Israelis feel the same way as Spicoli.
    And a lot of Arabs feel the same way about Israelis.

    It's one big f*cking lovefest over there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spicoli View Post
    Settle down tuff guy.

    Did you see the video? What did you think? Were those animals justified in doing what they did to that little girl?
    No, I didn't watch your video. I know what happened. No, there is no justification for that. Those people's mentalitiy is from 300 hundred years ago. They're not civilized. My problem is your are racist. You call everybody in the Near East animals and talk about their destruction. It seems to me you are the animal.

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    Lets settle down a little bit here... Nothing bad about discussing foreign affairs, but lets keep it a little more civil.

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    I'm cool. All I ask is for Spicoli have more respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spicoli View Post

    *edit* You're right Jensen, I guess instead of saying "every male" in the Middle East, I should have said that we need to exterminate "those that publicly murdered that poor teenage girl and all those that that approve of such."

    I had just viewed the videos and my emotions got the best of me. My bad.

    Happens to the best of us. Thank you for manning up and apologizing, and in terms of your new statement I agree. The world has no place whatsoever for barbarism like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yazdani View Post
    I'm cool. All I ask is for Spicoli have more respect.
    I will never respect Islamofascism, or any other religion that preaches hate and condones the murder of innocent people.
    Last edited by Spicoli; 05-02-2007 at 03:03 PM.

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    Far as I can see he wasn't asking you to do any such thing. Pardon me if I'm incorrect, but I assumed he was asking you to respect the differences between all Muslims, and the animals that did this.

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