Wow, there is a lot of complete BS on this thread.

I personally don't like McCain but questioning his war record is going a bit far. Even if he was treated better than other POW's it was not his fault is father was so influencial. Not to mention the fact that he was still held against his will and tortured.

2nd saying that the only reason we are in Iraq is because Bush was mad that Saddam insulted is father. Iraq constantly broke the rules established after the 1st Irag war. They had Al Queda had training camps in Iraq. Terrorist from all over the world held meetings in Bagdad. Not to mention the mastermind behind the 1st world trade center bombing was given a goverment job in Iraq and given a house in Iraq. Not to mention they found 500 WMD's in Iraq, but the media and Liberals said they didn't count because they were from the before the first Iraq war. To me a WMD is still a WMD no matter when they were made.

The 3rd thing is that Illigal Immigration is a Red Hearing dreamed up by the Media. I live in Phoenix, AZ and trust me it is a real issue. I believe the last statistics I saw is that 1 in 10 people in Arizona are not citizens. 30% of our prisoners in the US are not US Citizens. Hell schools down here have their announcements in Spanish and not english and the American Citizens are being held back in School because of the Illigals!! I could go on and on with this but this insn't the forum for this.

Now when it comes to McCain i do not believe he the man to lead us. I personally like Mitt Romney but would vote for McCain if he was the GOP's nominatiion because even he would be better than Clinton or Obama.