I just voted (our primary is Feb 5) but in the early voting program, you can go to any of the early voting sites which are usually a civic center or courthouse and according to your address, you can get an electronic ballot for your location, with local referandums, etc.

They were not prepared for the numbers of people there today and could have used more machines, but I was impressed with the Sequoia machines and the system. It generated a paper ballot that you could review. I was just glad to see that it wasn't a Diebold system.

Bluestater might appreciate this although she's too young to remember his political days with Mayor Washington - Cook County Clerk David Orr was there supervising the process today. I got there fairly close to the end of today's voting and after I voted I got a chance to ask him about the system. He said that there really are only four choices including Diebold. He said that even with the counting delays in 2006 (which they supposedly have resolved) he's feeling that they made a good choice to use this company. I guess the early voting system should help with the congestion of the system on the Feb 5th and it also gives them a chance to work out any glitches before then.