It is claimed that Adam Smith and many other important economists found the new World so to speak where everything will be just , efficient, harmonious and logical in a sort of market system.

But looking deeper into it, it is easy to see that many Middle Age barbaric practices still remain. Sure, many developed countries experience some orderly economic arrangements and offer opportunitites for their citizens. However, this might be due simply to the fact that there is no longer one single country that can largely depend only on itself.

So, it is easily visible that America's livelihood is largely dependent on Chinese sweatshops, or Mexican paupers illegally looking for work, or support for such un-Democratic regimes as Saudi Arabia where many men are chosen to be rich or poor at birth.

And still, even in America there are many glass ceilings for many American citizens where it is ensured that wealthy pass on their wealth and most poor never achieve it.

So, have we really achieved visions of Adam Smith or do we simply see a modern Middle Age version of the World?