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Thread: How pathetic does Bush look now?

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    Default How pathetic does Bush look now?

    America, the bastion of blood thirsty profit seekers, is pleading with arabs about market oil forces hurting American families. It can't get any better than that considering oil prices are high due to American-led globalization and stock trading. Unbelievable!

    Speaking to a group of Saudi entrepreneurs and later in an interview with reporters, Mr. Bush expressed his concern about the economy in some of his starkest language yet, saying that rising oil and gasoline prices are causing hardship for American families.

    “It’s affected our families,” Mr. Bush said in the interview with reporters, adding he would raise the issue with the Saudi leader, King Abdullah, during a meeting on Tuesday evening at the king’s lush horse farm in the desert outside of Riyadh. “Paying more for gasoline hurts some of the American families,” he said.

    “Presidents and kings have every right, every privilege, to comment or ask or say whatever they want,” Mr. Naimi said. “The concern for the U.S. economy is valid, but what affects the U.S. economy is more than the price of oil. We are very much concerned. We don’t want the U.S. economy go into recession in the future.”
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