Don't go to your post office after normal business hours on Wednesday, April 15 with the idea of turning in your tax returns at the very last minute...

At least not here in Cincinnati.

In years past, selected branches of the US Postal Service here in the Queen City -- including the main processing center on Dalton Street just outside downtown -- would be open to midnight, with special drop-off collection points and postmarking so that you would be able to work on your taxes late into the evening on April 15, and get them postmarked by midnight so you made the official deadline.

Here in Cincinnati, it was a rather festive event, with free food and entertainment, and lots of folks who showed up just to be part of a party.

Not any more, apparently.

This morning, the local NPR station ran a story, saying that, due to budget cutbacks, no local post offices would be open past their usual closing times (around here, 6 pm)... so don't plan to drop off your taxes at fifteen minutes til midnight and expect to be OK.

I wonder how many folks will be in for a rude surprise?

I share this as a heads up for YOUR community. Now, this may be an isolated case -- another example of "chintzy Cincy" -- but, you might want to check before assuming that what you've known in the past RE mail collection on April 15 may not be in place.