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Thread: Big, are these people stoking their egos?

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    Default Big, are these people stoking their egos?

    Does Patti seem like someone who helped this boy so she could make a profit, or remind herself of how great she is?

    Boy who slept in trash bin is student of the year
    Plucky preteen, 11, makes transformation from street kid to model student

    DECATUR, Ala. ? Eleven-year-old D.J. Graffree didn't realize he was a child.

    For much of his life, he was a cocky kid who didn't need any adults to look after him or tell him what to do. He was always in and out of schools in his small town outside of Jackson, Miss. He spent a lot of times out on the streets.

    At one point, he slept in a trash bin to stay warm.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: Big, are these people stoking their egos?

    Great post.
    With the media focused on the negative and the viewing public unable to get its fill of cheap thrills from the misery of others, this article is a breath of fresh air. There are countless stories along theses lines that never see the light of day. If this became the reporting norm instead of the exception I believe that it would help to turn the tide in helping people to once again believe that they can make a difference and then acting on that new found belief.
    Thanks ISU.
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