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Thread: To put VT shooting in perspective

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    Default To put VT shooting in perspective

    This would be just another day in Iraq! Not to minimize the tragedy but this is what life is like in many areas in Iraq now on a daily basis.

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    So true!!!
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    I don't know how big the difference is, but this was at a university, not a rampage in the middle of town. I just don't hear of people in Iraq shooting up schools (I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, but not as reported on). I know that if we did have one event like what Iraq has on a daily basis, it would still be called a huge tragedy, and maybe more applicable to compare to Iraq. I personally don't make a comparison between street warfare and some psycho shooting up a college.
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    Good point.

    It appears that we have become desensitized to the atrocities that are being carried out in Iraq.

    Maybe someday the civilized nations of the world will help stop the torture and killing of innocent people and bring order to the hell hole that long long ago was one of the world's great cities.

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