This one is for the "believers" out there.

When Jesus was about to be put to death, he called his followers together for the Last Supper where he laid out his plan for the future of Christianity.

He told those present to love each other and model their lives after his own. He also blessed bread and wine and explained that this ritual would bring people closer to God.

Well, at least this is the simplistic way that I understand it.

Anyway, what I find most interesting is what he did NOT say or do.

He did not tell his followers to write three different accounts of his life and then bundle it up with 20+ other books, translate and re-translate and then tell people to pour over every word of it and live their lives by it.

Christ's message was pretty simple. Do unto other as you would have them do unto you. Period.

If you have to "study the Bible" on a regular basis, then you're missing the big picture, IMO.