Unions once served an honorable and dutiful purpose benefiting employee, if not human rights. But now here is a clear example of how ignorant the current leadership is. Poopooing a waiver of pay raises in lieu of sending almost 9000 people onto the unemployment lines is downright stupid. There's another 6-7000 jobs about to get pink slipped in NYC. Government workers are taking hits all over the nation. Here in NJ the unions would rather see their brothers and sisteers terminated rather take 12 furlough days. Facing the axe and no meal ticket for some co-workers, I'd gladly take a furlough, even a salary decrease.

Every other business out there is cancelling '09 pay raises in order to save jobs (well maybe not those finanicals beggers). Unions need to wisen up. The old days are over. The UAW is learning. The airline uions are learning. But these civil union leaders think there's a deep pocket named Taxpayer. Well those taxpayers have had it.


State Union Rejects Offer to Avoid Layoffs

New York's largest union says it won't accept an offer floated this week by the Paterson administration to avoid mass layoffs by accepting smaller raises and a no-layoff guarantee for two years.

Civil Service Employees Association spokesman Stephen Madarasz says the union can't reopen its contract because it would set a debilitating precedent. Madarasz confirmed the proposal was offered this week but said leaking it is a political ploy to build public support against the union.

Errol Cockfield, spokesman for Gov. David Paterson, didn't immediately comment.

Paterson is seeking to reopen contracts to gain concessions. He wants state unions to give up this year's 3 percent raises as a way to avoid as many as 8,900 layoffs. He has for months sought concessions to deal with billions of dollars deficits in a fiscal crisis he blames on the Wall Street's meltdown, the recession and years of overspending by Albany.