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Thread: Unions Leaders Are Ignorant Buffoons

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    Reputation is perception, not reality. Only recently have domestic brands caught up to the Japanese, and only on selected models. Every indication is that the new Chevy Malibu, Buick Lacrosse/Lucerne, Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, etc., will outperform their Japanese counterparts. However, that remains to be seen. 10 years and 200,000 miles from now, if my Malibu is still going strong, only then will I truly believe it rivals the Accord/Camry. Japanese cars have been slipping however. Not necessarily accidentally, either. The 3.0L V6 engine Toyota/Lexus used to make was so damn good it never broke down. They stopped making it because its tough to sell new cars to people if their old one never breaks down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by washed up wrestler View Post
    Yeah, it's the union labor at GM, Ford and Chrysler who made the great business decisions to build gas guzzlers. It's also amazing that the big 3 have such great reliability compared to the Japanes auto makers.

    Damn labor! What a buch of ignorant buffoons.
    Gas guzzlers sell and still sell especially overseas. The companies build what people buy and we buy big in America. You cant get rid of a hybrid now that gas is reasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tight-Waist View Post
    Its funny that you want to exclude the Japanese as they are 60%+ of the market. If you want to stick your head in the sand about the reputation of the American auto that's your business, but its NOT going to cure the problem.
    My head is not in the sand. I just countered your argument that US car are full of shoddy workmanship. For many years they have been better than Germans, Swedes (Volvo & Saab), and Korean etc.

    They now (by most measures) have caught up with the Japanese.
    This took serious effort and investment and should be acknowlegded.

    The problem is not lack of quality by American auto companies.
    Percieved lack of quality is still an issue, though legacy costs, generous benefits (healthcare) and overcapacity are the real culprits.

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