Any other time Schumer would have no problems voting "no" against a candidate with un-Democratic positions. This time its different. A long tradition calls on Jews to promote their own and not to fight among each other. Both Schumer and Mukasey are Jewish. Schumer advised to promote Mukasey to Attorney General status but Mukasey is unsure on waterboarding.

It is a taboo subject in American media but I think ethnicity and religion definitely play a factor in this one.

quicksingle. Don't get mad. Lets bring it all out in the open in good fun.

Even his chief Democratic patron, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, refused to say whether he would vote for Mukasey next Tuesday during the Judiciary Committee's consideration of the nomination.

"I'm not going to comment on Judge Mukasey here. I'm reading the letter, I'm going over it," Schumer told reporters Wednesday, hours after the retired federal judge submitted more than 170 pages of elaboration on his positions.