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Discuss Special thread for UGLY...Stem cell research news at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by UGLY I know Spider. I originally made the comparison of research spending ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by UGLY View Post
    I know Spider. I originally made the comparison of research spending for science and defence. Both that cost a lot of money and dont always pan out. Both are wasteful but it is funny that people are against wasteful defense spending.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spider View Post
    Oh, I didn't get that part. I guess it's because research is by nature uncertain so it's always a gamble, but the necessity of more and bigger weapons (defensive or otherwise) is debatable based on known facts.

    In the thread I started about military cost overruns UGLY repeatedly lumped in military research with cost overruns....

    This in itself made no sense IMO because military research costs were not the military cost overruns being discussed. The overruns were for existing weapons programs that were being delivered at much higher costs then the contracts were first based on.

    I find the comparison of medical research spending to military research spending a quite odd comparison to start with because of the comparative goals of the two differing kinds of research.

    Scientific research is always a gamble but stem cell research is certainly not the "unproven science" that UGLY seemed to be implying in his statements.

    The theory behind the research appears to be quite sound, and positive results have already been shown in animal models.

    While positive results in animal models do not guarantee the cures will work in humans they do show the increased chance those cures may work in humans.
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