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Thread: US policy towards Cuba

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    Default US policy towards Cuba

    The other day a random thought popped into my head and I'm hoping someone here might have an answer.

    The US has had a trade embargo against Cuba for over 40 years. What has this embargo accomplished and what do we think it will accomplish in the future?
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    Default Re: US policy towards Cuba

    What has this embargo accomplished?

    1. Political capital with Cuban Floridians
    2. Helped, to some extent, prevent the growth of Cuban wealth, consistent with a certain ideological view that they cannot or should not have any wealth.
    3. The embargo in conjuction w/the prohibition on U.S. citizens spending money there, helps ensure that fewer U.S. citizens will actually visit or interact with Cuba and draw their own conclusions about their society.
    4. Kept U.S. business and farmers from trading with and profitting from an ideologically suspect country.

    and what do we think it will accomplish in the future?

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    Default Re: US policy towards Cuba

    it has kept some fine cuban cigars from legally reaching our shores.
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