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Discuss fast and furious at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I have no idea how to copy and paste with this darn kindle. But if ...
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    I have no idea how to copy and paste with this darn kindle. But if you do a yahoo search of "mexican drug cartel fast and furious" you will find a very interesting story. Apparently the son of one of the drug lords is claiming that fast and furious was just a part of a bigger US and Mexican scheme where we supply weapons to one cartel so they can kill off the others. That would leave just one dominant cartel to deal with instead of several. In return, our government looks the other way in the drug trafficking.

    It sounds like a movie but it may be true. There are several different sources reporting the same thing so pick your favorite. Time will tell if this guy is tellkng the truth. It would not surprise me if he is.

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    At this point, I can't rule much out. The program had so many flaws, its hard to figure out what their goal truly was. There is now way they accidentally sent untracked guns to Mexico, without any cooperation with the Mexican government, without knowing this was a huge risk.
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