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Thread: Round II?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quinn14 View Post
    So after all of this bitching and moaning, you agree that the pension funds are underfunded and need to be re-worked. Thanks for playing.

    Oh, and I don't listen to Rush, never have. So if he does make those little comments, I wouldn't know it. When have I ever said I did listen to him? This is another one of those things that make me believe you have voices in your head.
    Of course pensions are underfunded, which I pointed out. It is due to dropping revenues over the course of decades because of wanton tax cutting. That should also show you that we are NOT going bankrupt because of these programs singlehandedly. 3% is a pretty miniscule amount that we have to put into these pensions. Raise taxes for once, and the "problem" will go away.

    Even Ronnie Ketchup IS A Vegetable! Reagan knew that you eventually had to raise taxes to increase revenues.

    Well, if you don't listen to comedian/party boss Rush I Want Government To Pay For MY Internet Porn Limbaugh and Sean McVeigh Hannity, I'd be surprised. The things that you say, especially the inaccurate ones, are right directly from their mouths.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quinn14 View Post
    Do you even read the things you post? Here is a direct quote from the article you posted.

    They're underfunded, in large measure because — like investments held in 401(k) plans by American private-sector employees — they sunk along with the entire stock market during the Great Recession of 2007-2009.

    That IS a direct result of the pension system and it is my entire point. When these things lost their money, the retirees still got paid because they got bailed out. Meanwhile, the people bailing them out not only got their tax dollars stolen, they also couldn't retire because they had to own up to bad investments. You said that yourself. I know I said I was done debating you and I should've stuck to that, but when you just blatantly make stuff up and claim that an article you posted backs you up then I have to call you on it. Now, I am done. You have admitted that they are underfunded. You have read about your own democrats say that the only way out is restructure or raising taxes, which were my points. Glad I could enlighten you.
    What are you talking about? Pension funds were bailed out!? Seriously!? Underfunded doesn't mean that they cost us too much, which is what you are trying to make out of the term "underfunded." It means that they aren't funded, which doesn't imply cost. See my repost below. What I thought was initially a joke, you actually believe! LOL!!

    You know who DID get bailed out? The financial institutions that almost singlehandedly (I say almost because government over the course of 40 years caused the collapse as well by deregulating these weasels) collapsed the system. They also took our money paid themselves bonuses, and in the case of Goldman Sachs, required that they be paid back their losses 100 cents on the dollar. THOSE were the only bailoluts from the meltdown that I know of, or anyone else knows of. Thes cost all of us trillions upon trillions of dollars, and is what led to Bush's last few years being marred by huge unemployment, financial losses, etc.

    If the pension funds are still underfunded, which they are, then how did they get "bailed out" directly from the bailout money?

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    Interesting article that I read yesterday, which relates to all of us.

    The myths keep right on a-comin'!

    Obama spending binge never happened - Rex Nutting - MarketWatch
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    This thread seems to be spiralling downward. I am going to lock the thread for now.
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    I haven't been following, but it can stay locked.

    With the political season starting to ramp up I'm sure this won't be the last one, unfortunately.
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