Suppose there are 10 Nuclear engineers who have different proposals to build Nuclear plants around the country. All proposals have advantages and disadvantages that involve more or less risks of causing great harm to the Nation and the World but one project must be selected since the county’s survival is dependent on these nuclear plants.

American citizens will pick one Nuclear engineer to implement his proposal based on that engineer’s looks, ability to debate, how much money he collects for his campaign, his family status, his religious beliefs, and his past job accomplishments. These engineers will launch various advertisements to boost their images and smear their opponents.

These engineers get their money for campaigns from various nuclear parts factories whose sole interest is to win a contract to develop the parts for the nuclear plants but who do not actually have any say in the design of the plants.

Nevermind the fact that most voters have no idea on how to build a nuclear plant, let alone all the intricacies of advantages and risks.

Nuclear engineers were initially largely selected based on the nuclear plant parts factories’ assessments on how well each engineer would be able to “sell” his project to the voters.