Not sure if you all are aware of DSM 5, but it stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders. They are coming out with a brand new edition that lists mental disorders in May of 2013. In the new disorders are such sillyness as being shy or a child who intentionally does something that annoys another person (I forget what they called that one), they also classify a rapist with a mental disorder. Now we can all laugh it off as silly liberal nut cases trying to look important, but the reality is that this gives an outline for insurance reimbursement and public health authorities. And gives the government a reason to say you are mentally ill. Here is the link if you want to see some of the most ridiculous reading ever.

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Now, why am I posting this? Well, as you know, some mental disorders prevent law abiding American citizens from buying or owning a gun. With all of the new so-called disorders, are they trying to prevent more people from buying or owning guns? Surely it's all coincindence. But wait a minute. Did you know that in the Obamacare law, government approved insurance is required to ask people if they own a gun?

The Gun Control in ObamaCare

What does gun ownership have to do with health insurance? Why are they diagnosing normal children who annoy their parents with a mental disorder? I am pretty sure I know why, but judge for yourself. I just hope more people will wake up before their blindness infringes itself on my freedoms.