Suspended Indianapolis police officer David Bisard is scheduled to appear in court today for a hearing to determine whether blood drawn from him after a fatal accident in 2010 can be used against him at trial.
Marion Superior Judge Grant Hawkins ruled May 31 that the disputed draw, which showed Bisard had been legally drunk, could not be used to try him on allegations of drunken driving.
But Hawkins said it was possible the blood evidence might be admissible in trying to prove a lesser charge.
The hearing is at 1:30 p.m. before Hawkins.
Hawkins said the woman who took Bisard's blood at a medical facility wasn't among the professionals authorized to do so by state law, and it's unclear whether she was competent ..

fellow officers reported Basard was drunk when he ran into 2 people killing them-he was cleared on this technicality and suspended with pay.Although the murder and DUI charges were thrown out they are trying to find him guilty of a lesser charge .