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    Good Evening LADIES & GENTLEMAN...We have a great show for you tonight. Let's get right to it shall we? First off we want to present to you the extraordinary HERMAN CAIN FLIP-FLOP on the FEDERAL RESERVE....

    Well, it is pretty obviously that Mr Cain doesn't understand that Congress is the body which has authority in the Constitution to issue money and appropriate funds. Later, after receiving tons of flak from Audit the Fed supporters, Mr Cain flip flops (inset funny cartoon noise here & light up LAUGHTER sign) and starts supporting Ron Paul's auditing of the Fed.

    This shows that in a matter of weeks he flips flops on the most important issue our nation is facing today - the economy and sound money policies. Because of this flip-flopping and his past time as a Federal Reserve Chairman, it is pretty obvious we cannot trust Herman Cain to do anything about the Federal Reserve if elected president.


    BTWHere is the article Cain wrote supporting TARP:

    North Star Writers Group - Syndicated Commentary: Opinion, Humor and Features

    AND Here admits it could be a problem for him:

    Herman Cain: My Support For TARP Could Be A Problem | TPMDC

    Here CAIN admits his plan won't work now BUT it would have worked BEFORE....Just like MAGIC he explains away his mistake....

    AND TONIGHT'S SHOW is BROUGHT to you by MITT ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT 2008!Here Mr. CAIN endorses the EVER-flexible King of Flip-flopping himself, MITT ROMNEY in 2008: (2 links)

    Georgia for Mitt: Herman Cain endorses Gov. Romney

    North Star Writers Group - Syndicated Commentary: Opinion, Humor and Features

    Tonight's SPECIAL GUEST is Austrian School of Economics Historian & Author Tom Woods, who stars in his own video clip where he DE-constructs Mr CAIN's positions:

    And tonight's COMEDIC moment is brought to you by THE U.S> Constitution, (or IS IT?)AND NOW (drum roll please) let's go to the VIDEO TAPE! Let's watch Mr Cain FLUNK American Civics 101....

    Did you catch the fact that he TALKS Constitution BUT quotes the freaking Declaration of Independence? HELLO?

    Something even FUNNIER? How about his tax plan!

    Instead of abolishing other taxes and implementing the new tax, he adds a new tax promising it will only stay at 9%. History has proven that these new taxes do not stay at the initial percentages used when selling the tax and quickly jump to 20%-30%. The income tax was initially only supposed to be 1-2% but now it is 20-30% (estimate). HOW ABOUT NO!

    OR how about CAIN's OWN Enron like meltdown & fraud at AQUILA?

    Herman Cain's Enron-esque Disaster | Mother Jones

    Still not enough? How about his position on AFGHANISTAN (where he has NO PLAN). Here is a transcript of Cain's interview with Conservative bastion of media FOX NEWS:

    Herman Cain on His Presidential Bid; Sen. Mitch McConnell Talks Foreign Policy, Debt Reduction - Interviews - Fox News Sunday - Fox News

    WALLACE: We have been at war in Afghanistan for almost 10 years. And yet you say -- and you say it quite proudly -- you have no plan for what to do in Afghanistan. You'd have to wait until you got into office, until you met with the experts, until you met with military officials and then you decided.

    Don't you owe to people who are thinking of voting for you to give them some idea about what you would do about a major U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan?

    CAIN: I do. And here's what I owe them -- I owe them the right approach to the right decision such that we're not there 10 more years.

    WALLACE: So, what is the right approach?

    CAIN: The right approach is: the day I'm elected president, I will start on that plan such that the day I was sworn in, I will be able to implement the plan.

    WALLACE: But that doesn't tell anybody what you're -- I mean, do you support counterinsurgency or counterterrorism?

    CAIN: Chris, let's go back -- let's go back -- let's go back to the fundamental question. We've got to work on the right problem. I think it is disingenuous to tell the American people what I would do when I don't have the intelligence information. I don't have all of the factors that are affecting this particular situation.

    I owe the American people a responsible decision and a responsible plan. And I don't think any candidate can responsibly say what they would do if they are elected president.

    FINALLY the support of the PATRIOT ACT shows his fraudulent support of the Constitution:

    Herman Cain: Spying on Americans Is Okay, But Not Assassinating Them - Conor Friedersdorf - Politics - The Atlantic

    Is there anything in the PATRIOT Act that bothers you, that you'd want to see reversed, or are you pretty much okay with that legislation?

    I think that the PATRIOT Act is about 90 percent right on. I can't delineate to you exactly what I would want to change, but here again I would rather error on the side of caution and protection, rather than worry about that ten percent that I might have a problem with. Perfect legislation doesn't exist. But I'm happy with legislation that's 90 percent right on especially if it's going to protect the people.

    Nothing that that running over the 4th amendment won't handle, right Mr Cain?

    Well I am afraid that that is all we have time for tonight on the Herman Cain show. Drop by next week when Herman's guest will be the creator of Mr Cains 9-9-9 plan suburban bank manger Rich Lowrie who is not an economist & has NO experience on creating public policy... Good night everybody!
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