What does everyone here at TWT think ? I prefer marching against the Federal Reserve Bank , myself , yet I am really excited Americans are starting to stand up and fight for their beliefs again .
Personally ,I grew up during Watergate and the Pentagon Papers era and EVERYONE seemed so disillusioned with the government at that time that apathy set in . I grew tired of watching (sometimes participating) in rallies where we got our heads bashed in for demonstrating . I was under the impression we had that right . But after several ass kickings and arrests a man's civic duty starts to wane .
LBJ and Nixon pretty much curtailed anyone from believing there was any hope for American Politics . Kennedy was killed for implementing certain programs( or so we were told ),the gulf of Tonken NEVER happened .LBJ lied , Nixon lied then was pardoned by Ford , Carter was impotent and Reagan traded arms for hostages to win the election . then Bush ,Impeachment ,Bush.....ad infinitum.
So , back to protesting Wall street . do these people have a set agenda ? are their goals realistic ? what exactly do they hope to achieve ??
I learned a long time ago to never follow a man without a plan . do these people know what they are doing ??