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    Not sure if this goes in this thread or non-wrestling talk, move it if necessary.

    Let me break this down first. Two 16yr old boys want to fight. Dad agrees to referee the fight. Dads boy apparently is losing. 35yr old, 6'5", 220lb dad steps in and beats the hell out of the other kid. The dads boy pulls dad off and then says he doesn't want to fight. Dad tries to make him still fight. Boy that dad beat the hell out of hugs the dad. So crazy I had to watch it twice to make sure that is what happened.

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    You may have stumbled onto some male bonding ritual-tell them to wrestle-not box-the dad that broke up the fight NEEDS his ass kicked.
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    I copied that link from an article that said the dad was arrested and had to post a $35,000 bond ($3500 with a bondsman). He was charged with several things I can't remember them all. I think assault, child endangerment, contributing to delinquency...not sure of all charges, but he seems to be in a bit of a pickle. I can not believe the absolute stupidity of some people! Oh, the article also said he was er tech, so this guy deals with the public on a daily basis.

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    Guy needs to be stuck in a cell with someone like Lesner and the gaurds need to walk away, that guy is a bitch.

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