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Thread: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

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    Default Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

    A tenuous pick from North Dakota is Brock Lesnar who want to college at Bismarck State College and won an NJCAA Title and an NCAA Title.

    Not bad for a guy who finished last in his High School graduating class of 54 students.

    So, who is the greatest ever from Your state, wrestling there or coming from there. And yes, Lesnar is somewhat tenuous from North Dakota but we claim what we can. Sure not as easy as Utah with Cael.

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    Default Re: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

    Mine was already mentioned, Cael for Utah.

    Total stud, wrestled with him last year at a camp at his high school, Wasatch. Put me on my back after a takedown and I tried to triangle choke him and he submitted me with a Kimura. Really nice guy, too.

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    Default Re: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

    I'd guess Angel Escobedo-4x state champion-only loss was a match out of state against Franklin Gomez-NEVER cut weight and wrestled 135 his SR. year then 125 @ IU .

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    Default Re: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?


    That is a tough one. Larry Bielenberg is the greatest wrestler from my home town. 3X AA, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. He also had some success in Freestyle. Brian Watson was an absolute beast in High school losing only one match in the Semis his freshman year. He set nearly every record that Oregon has for wrestling and that was before the reclassification system. Les Gutches (Oregon's only Hodge winner) has to be on the list as well. Jess Lewis a three time finalist (taking 2nd as a sophomore) who went 76-1 and also started on the OSU football team. He tied for 6th in Mexico city at light hwt. Chester Newton won Olympic silver in 1924 losing to fellow American Robin Reed.

    However Oregon's greatest wrestler is probably Rick Sanders.

    Rick Sanders - Wrestling

    Rick Sanders put Portland and Oregon on the international wrestling map with national titles and a pair of Olympic silver medals before dying tragically at a young age.

    Born in 1945, Sanders finished with a high school record of 80-1 and three state titles while at Lincoln High. He won at 98 pounds in 1961, 108 pounds in ?62 and 115 pounds in ?63. After graduating from Lincoln, Sanders trained for the ?64 Olympics at a camp that included legend Dan Gable. Gable credits Sanders with teaching him specific moves that helped him finish his college career with just one loss.

    After that intensive training, Sanders enrolled at Portland State and won national titles at the NAIA, NCAA Div. II and Div. I championship meets, earning the outstanding wrestler at each level.

    He won at 115 pounds at the NAIA meet in 1965 and was outstanding wrestler.

    In ?66, the PSU program moved to NCAA Div. II and, after finishing third in the Div. II meet, Sanders won at 115 pounds at the Div. I meet. The following year, Sanders won titles at the Div. II and Div. I meet and was outstanding wrestler in each meet. The Vikings won the national title at Div. II and placed fifth at Div. I.

    As a senior, Sanders won at Div. II and PSU finished second. Then he finished as runner-up at Div. I and the Vikings placed sixth. He finished his collegiate career with five national titles and two losses.

    Sanders qualified for both the 1968 and ?72 Olympic Games, and won silver in each. In between those Olympics, Sanders became the first American to win a title at the world championship, taking the 52kg title in 1969 just hours before American Fred Fozzard won at 82 kg. He won five U.S. freestyle titles, six international medals and is credited with having once beaten Gable 6-0 ? the lone shutout Gable suffered in his career.

    Following the ?72 Games in Munich, Germany, he was killed in an auto accident in Yugoslavia. He was 27.

    Sanders was inducted to the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1983, and into the Portland State Athletics Hall of Fame as part of its inaugural class in 1997 ? along with the ?67 national championship team. He is a distinguished member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame?s Class of 1987.
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    Default Re: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

    Bubba J!
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    Default Re: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

    John Smith

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    Default Re: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

    Credit to Justin Kerr of Intermat for this excellent write up.

    1. Cary Kolat (Pennsylvania)

    While picking the top 20 among so many worthy contenders was difficult, picking No. 1 was actually quite easy. None have excelled so early as Cary Kolat. First, there is the fact that Kolat racked up a 137-0 ledger on his way to four state titles in wrestling-rich Pennsylvania. Moreover, Kolat placed at the Midlands as a sophomore and as a junior, back when that tournament was as tough as the NCAAs. Among his great achievements in that tournament were pinning NCAA All-American Shawn Charles -- and actually wrestling a 1-0 bout with Olympian Ken Chertow his junior year. Chertow, ironically enough, had a much easier time with NCAA champion Terry Brands in the finals that year than he did with the junior in high school from Rices Landing, Pennsylvania.

    Kolat even showed he could compete at the very highest level by placing at the U.S. Open. Beating top senior level competition in high school was almost commonplace for Kolat. For example, as a junior in high school, in an open tournament, Kolat won easily over NCAA champion Sean O'Day.

    Kolat had a mystique about him in high school that made it inconceivable that he would ever lose. Even other great wrestlers seemed to say his name with what might be described as reverence. Like Hahn, Kolat was so good coming out of high school that many would consider collegiate career -- two-time NCAA champion, four-time top-three finisher, and his international career -- Olympian, two time world medalist -- a disappointment. He was two upset losses away from being a four-time NCAA champion, and an entire article could be written about how he was robbed by FILA out of being a multiple-time world and Olympic champion.

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    Default Re: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

    I would call Dan Gable the greatest at wrestling from my state, but I would call Norman Borlaug the greatest wrestler. His contributions to ending world hunger have made him the greatest wrestler from Iowa.

    I know that's not what you meant but it's so easy to say Gable.

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    Default Re: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

    Cary Kolat would be about as good as any from PA. Jordan Oliver might soon merit that.

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