Upon perusal of todays headlines I once again see this tried and true methodology in action .Based upon Georg Hegel's THESIS--ANTITHESIS-SYNTHESIS the powers that be are herding the world to the brink of annihilation .

America has record deficit and too many other problems to list-
Europe's economy is crumbling-or has crumbled
Japan faces aftermath of Tsunami and earthquakes and reactor problems
China (seemingly a new economic giant) is rotting from the inside wrestling with eroding topsoil and nuclear waste
Australia is facing DROUGHT at epic proportions
Africa = Famine
Antartica has icebergs breaking loose and is literally melting
Israel has 70,000 demonstrating for a new government based upon meeting the needs of a new generation of citizens(affordable housing,jobs ,economic stagnation)
The LAST time the GLOBE reached such crisis a new leadership emerged-
Stalin,hitler,mussolini,roosevelt,churchill-et al.
I have little use for organized religions yet one must certainly look at each religions end times scenario and give pause.
As an average man I see this philosophy being used everyday in nearly all aspects of life.yet WHEN it reaches a global scale I also fear for the future for the next war will not have a winner ,merely a few survivors.My objection is this -the FEW Survivors will be the ones who brought this about .
Usually , when i see this happening i just wait and see what happens-BUT-this time I must take a stand and say NO MORE ! Hegelism usually just brings about the next dictator or president or some type of LEADER(Fuhrer),this time I believe there will be no one left to lead..
PLEASE-BEFORE you dismiss this as wild ramblings-LOOK it up ! We have acsess to information at a scale never before seen in history-USE it .

the above is NOT a paid endorsement