About 1,800 students today were expected ride the school district's new bus system, which has been turned over to a nonprofit that is charging parents $47.50 per month for the first child and $40.50 per month for each additional child.
That leaves about 7,000 students, however, who were to arrive at school some other way, compared with up to 2,000 in years past. Schools were relying on help from staffers -- as well as the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department -- to shepherd cars through an expected traffic onslaught.
But school officials aren't the only ones bracing for the new reality.
Linda Huffman, who has five children at three different Franklin Township schools, can't afford the roughly $2,000 per year she'd have to pay to put them on buses.

Used to be everyone paid taxes for education and buses were free-now we have the same taxes ( which supposedly should pay for teachers and school ) yet now School districts are adding on PAY to PLAY sports , kids have to buy rather than rent books, and pay for a service which ,if they do not comply ,they may face imprisoment .If you do NOT get your kids to school until the age of 16 then you are violating the law.
IMO, this is just another attack on the middle class . IF you can afford to leave the IPS district,( where buses ,lunch and athletics are free ) you are punished . These people are two income families with kids in college and school and are trying to provide a better life for their children yet now are in a place where they still have the highest taxes in Indiana yet are put in a precarious position as MANY parents had to drop their kids off by the side of the road(in order to get to work on time).
The Franklin school District sold ALL of their buses to a non-profit group for $1-these buses were paid for by tax payers ? HOW are they sold for a $1 to a private group ?
The dumbing down of America continues and once again the middle class pays the toll .