The Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy has done important research in this area. Here are some of the more disturbing facts:

? CEOs of defense contractors are paid more in four days than a general earns in a year;

? Since September 11, CEOs at top defense contractors have received annual pay gains between 200 percent to 688 percent;

? Between 2002 and 2006, the seven highest paid defense contractor CEOs made nearly $500 million - General Dyanmics' CEO, Nicholas Chabraja, alone was paid $97.9 million, averaging $19.6 million per year. (David Lesar of Halliburton pocketed a mere $16 million per year during that period, and Lockheed Martin's Robert Stevens has cashed in on stock options to earn over $19 million so far this year.)

? Many of the CEOs profitted from stock options as their companies' stock prices soared with the increased revenues from the Defense Department.