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Thread: US Govt Spending on Military 1969-2011

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    kr, are you saying you don't agree with what the government decides to do with the military or you don't agree that the soldiers should carry out their orders? There is a huge difference and I think a lot of people get hung up on one side or the other and the the term "military" is the reason why.

    Personally, I think we could cut some spending by not sending our soldiers everywhere in the world. But to blame those same soldiers for the killing is wrong. They are following orders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quinn14 View Post
    They are following orders.
    "I've been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again."
    - Magneto

    ‪Magneto | Like a Loaded Weapon [X-Men: First Class]‬‏ - YouTube

    (not a serious post for the record)

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