Last week John Stewart was on Fox News Sunday, a show I watch every Sunday and a show that I think is credible. What bothers me about having Stewart on is that every time he goes on a news show especially a "conservative" show the hosts of the show try to give him an accreditation or validation that he does not seek. Stewart is a comedian doing satire on Comedy central, he is not a news anchor or a reporter. I like the daily show but I dont give it any legitimate political thought because I dont view it as a a legit political show. Stewart was complimentary of fox news Sunday and its host saying that he thought they were fair and tough on all guests ,right or left. Stewart repeatedly said that he was not a news person but a comedian yet the host insisted that he had some responsibility to the news.

I did find it funny that Stewart seemed to get frustrated and stated that fox news viewers were the most misinformed a statement which was later deemed false by

So I guess my question is, why do news organizations attempt to legitimise Stewart and also do you think that Stewart has any type of responsibility in today's political environment other than his satire. He isn't Bill Mahr who thinks himslef an actual political analyst.